Uniwell Power Equipment Company is a manufacturer dedicated to Precision-engineered Generator Sound Proof Canopies, Generator Soundproof Containers, Battery Containers and Cabinets of All Shapes and Sizes, and since 2006.

Sound proof Canopies: Designs using Solidworks (the leading software for mechanical 3D design) with finite element calculations. Canopies are designed and developed by our highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals according to Customers’ different requirements, making use of supreme class components. All canopies are of high strength, sturdy construction, corrosion resistance and EASY to Assembly & Dismantle, they are ideal for protecting engines and generators from all weather conditions, fire, humidity & dust.

Custom Containers: Designs and manufactures soundproof containers specifically for your generator sets, gas engines, biogas engines, oil engines, air compressor, battery pack and whenever soundproof is required, from standard 10ft-20ft-40ft-45ft ISO containers to oversized structures designed to meet your exacting requirements. Our containers are CSC certified for maritime transports or according to the EN12079, DNV2.7-1 and ATEX.

Energy Storage - Solar, Wind, Hydro Battery Containers and Cabinets: Solar, Wind and Hydro generated power methods typically require stationary batteries that must be climatized to certain conditions and kept at constants to maintain top productivity. Therefore, air flow control, temperature controls, enclosure seals, ventilation, etc. all must be accounted for when storing these types of batteries.

Uniwell’s Engineers are on staff and ready to assist you with your project by providing customized drawings to meet the needs of your specific application. Whether you need louvered doors, cooling and heating systems, ventilation systems, etc. We design and manufacturer each battery enclosure to meet the precise needs and requirements of YOUR project.

We adhere to the strictest of quality regulations throughout the design and development of our products. Everything we do is to ensure that we provide you with a reliable, efficient and good quality service.

Uniwell, our passion at your service.


Uniwell Power Equipment Company was founded by RaoZhaohong brothers in 2006 in Fuzhou city, in the province of Fujian in China.

UNIWELL started out as a manufacturer of Diesel Generator Set and Canopy components. Over the years, the skills and experience that we have developed in this industry have gradually been transferred to the services of providing our customers with the professional gen sets CANOPIES CKD solutions.

UNIWELL is a company which has always known how to be innovative and reinvent itself, doing so with passion whilst providing good customer service.

UNIWELL means: Skilled and passionate workers produce premium-quality products through the advanced machines.

UNIWELL places importance on its customers, professionalism and (both technical and marketing) innovation.



To grow, offering quality services, a willingness to listen, flexibility, reliability and innovation. To ensure that our customers become our partners as a symbol of innovation, respect and mutual honesty.

Quality is one of our fundamental values, however we must try to offer “good prices” wherever possible, in the interest of both ourselves and our customers. Achieving full satisfaction from our customers must be what guides our work on a daily basis.

Our passion for excellence and continual improvement are at the very core of our business.


To become a market leader within our sectors, making sure that our customers are satisfied and happy.

Uniwell is a team which will get stronger and stronger. People are the real reason for the success of every team and every company. No man is an island; nobody can achieve anything without the collaboration and help of others.

It is not only large companies who can do great things. Uniwell wants to show that we can do them too.

We are a leading name engaged in manufacturing qualitative acoustical enclosures. There are various parameters like Design, Efficiency, Accuracy, Performance and other factors which are taken into consideration. We assure that we deliver the most supreme quality products to our clients.


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